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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BGBVC?
We are a legally registered NGO operating in Gaborone, Charleshill, Gantsi, Kasane, Sebina, Selebi Phikwe, Serowe, Thamaga and Molepolole.

2. What services does BGBVC offer?
Counselling for individuals, couples and families; temporary and emergency shelter for women and their children; community outreach and education (including presentations in schools, public places and workplaces).

3. What does BGBVC hope to accomplish?
We aim for a country where there is respect of Human Rights and reduction in incidents of GBV.

4. How does BGBVC receive its clients?
Through self-referrals and referrals from other service providers such as the Police, Health Facilities, Social Workers and other NGOs

5. Does BGBVC receive clients from different parts of the country?
Yes. BGBVC admits women and children from all over the country. Immigrant women living in Botswana are also admitted

6. How is BGBVC funded?
BGBVC is funded by various donors, an annual grant from the government, donations from charity organisations and individuals and revenue from rentals of its two apartments.

There is also a cost sharing arrangement for clients referred by Social Workers from the Councils

7. What are the future plans of BGBVC?
(1) Conduct operational research to provide evidence for programming,
(2) Provision of integrated services to GBV survivors – legal, clinical and education for children admitted,
(3) Provide training services to different groups at a cost to generate income


BGBVC was founded by Kagisano Society, an organisation that has been doing humanitarian work in Botswana since the 1970s. At the time of formation of Kagisano Society, Botswana was receiving a high number of asylum seekers from neighboring countries due to the liberation wars. With the reduction of the refugee population in the 1990s, the organization did a needs assessment and found that addressing gender based violence was an under-served need in the country. In 1998, the Kagisano Society started the Women’s Shelter Project and opened the first women’s shelter in Botswana in Gaborone. The organisation is now operating in nine sites in Botswana under the following programme areas; counseling, community outreach & education as well as an emergency and temporary shelter (only in Gaborone). It is the first and the only shelter for battered women in the southern part of the country that admits women and children fleeing Gender Based Violence from their homes.

Of the 3 main programme areas, Counseling is offered to GBV perpetrators, survivors/victims and their families. The shelter provides a safe environment for women and children in eminent danger; while through its outreach and education programme, BGBVC provides information to the community on the impact of GBV and ways to identify, prevent and respond to GBV and its nexus with HI V as well where to seek help.

Since its establishment BGBVC has been able to; construct a shelter and a Drop-In-Centre. It has since grown from a small staff complement to an organisation headed by a CEO and a staff component of over 20. It also has a 9 member Board of Directors with the responsibility of providing strategic oversight. In an endeavor to provide comprehensive services, BGBVC provides linkages to legal aid to the many indigent women whose cases would not be otherwise attended to. These legal services are provided through the government’s Legal Aid Unit and three (3) law firms who give their services on a pro bono basis.

Physical Address: Plot 6062/3 Extension 19 Broadhurst, Gaborone

  • Phone: +267 3907659
  • Fax: +267 3908691